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{May 14, 2008}   this is right !!!

every generation has set its own right and wrongs.some have not set they just carried forward what some other generation set.all these have been set by perceptions but mostly prejudice ,gain, advantage. i deeply respect those thoughts put forward by great thinkers of an era.but ,i believe that every conclusion can only be reached by certain amount of research not always does the research  hold good with time it changes with period .We as a society must rethink a lot of this before just blindly taking them.

You are right if you think i am talking of elections..sorry i cant get off the excitement of voting for the first time ( well personally i am acting like a kid who rids his bike for the first time 🙂 ).

I wish i have this sort of feeling every time i have to vote.especially after looking at the voter turn out in my city bangalore. I was pretty much shocked a city which prides itself of having a very good citizen initiative turning out in poor numbers to vote.I still can comprehend that fact.How can you not vote??? . what was

even more shameful was the turn out in other areas of the state they might not be of high literacy rates, they might not be blessed with bulging pocket not even a filled stomach but they were there to honor their duty as citizens.where as on the other hand the so called fortunate lot were enjoying a holiday letting the elections go by themselves with a attitude of ” how will my one vote make a difference” .

when we have bad roads with loads of pot holes , when people dont bother to repair you street lights when the crime increases ,when you get water irregularly. when you will be blessed with something you did not desire at all.we always complain i don’t think we have that right to complain because we actually dont care about them since, when were given a fair chance to make it all right by voting but we preferred not to just because we feel ” how will my one vote make a difference” .Your one vote is not just yours it is your kid’s , your family’s your friend’s in the neighborhood how can you forget your responsibility towards them.How can you forget the fact that each vote of all of us makes the decision.

This is one chance for us to change how things are many think it is not a dead option it is one of the most viable option especially now when a lot of good candidates who can make the difference are standing up for elections, when at least some politicians are trying to be citizen friendly. PLS DO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT OF VOTING at least the next time

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