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{June 15, 2008}   fountainhead

I really don’t see what the hype is all about . I laid my hands on the book recently. I loved the first 300 pages it seemed like a book with awesome energy loads to communicate .It teaches a few things in a manner to everyone but i felt a lot of degrading in the second half of the book.the whole feel is lost by the time the book ends. the conversation between howard and gail are the only sanest parts in the second half.I really dont understant why dominique waited so long to get back when she was destined to got to howard.But .nevertheless one should read the book for the the first half of it.
I loved the spirit of howard ,the passion of that height is something i will always respect.I have met a few of similar integrity these man have fire that can conquer the whole world with their energy.This quality is something that is not possessed by all it takes great amount of sacrifice to reach there.
very few men can tolerate the pain the sacrifice enables theseĀ  men to fear nothing ,need nothing expect nothing just give abundance amount of devotion to their work.
Just being by their sides gives a spirit of enthusiasm its like some ecstasy.

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