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{September 26, 2008}   the amazing:) interview

yesterday i had one of the best companies a engineer can get into interview me.

though i knew that it was higly impossible that they recruit one of us i had the nerve to attend it πŸ™‚ ..

we were 12 of us who were shortlisted for interviews.the selection process being quite a test πŸ™‚ ( we had every subject that was taught to us).

the first round of interviews were based on the test itself . they asked to justify the answers and solve question we had not previously attempted in the test. to my surprise i found out i could code solutions with such an ease. i think i am better at interviews than written test ( i discover all sorts of skills i never knew i had). my interviewer asked me mostly the coding questions and asked me to walk thrugh how i solved them.these question were so asked that there were some simple logic of how function stores formal attributes and how they are returned .Some involved modifying a known algorithm to solve the existing problem and some involved some simple reverse engineering of solution . the first interview mostly concentrated on the conceptual understanding of problems and if you can think of proper solutions.

six of us were screened for the second came the real fight πŸ™‚

they provided us some common problems to code. like the reversing of linked list,the level of the highest node ,searching the pair of numbers( a+b=k) etc..

these problem are probably easily codable . i started by using brute force approaches and ended with efficiency ofΒ  n square ( lol) . the next challenge we were presented was to reduce them to o(n).i managed to do so in two out of three problems. but, the last one he asked me to make a search of order 1 using a data structure( me as a fool forgot about hashing πŸ™‚ lol )..

i had another round of technical interview where he asked to find the common factors betwen two arrays with the most effeciant approach ..i went with sorting and merging πŸ™‚ (still donno if it was the best way ).. the later questions were based on unix system ,my projectΒ  ( of which he had no clue what i was speaking πŸ™‚ ) and a standard dbms query .

at the end of all this we were told we did not have enough skills for the post and had to improve our coding skills πŸ™‚ .. lol this is what happens when they come looking for super coders who win all sorts of coding contests and end up meeting just good coders

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