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i cvan believe myself i finally got a distro which gives me a x11 default and no much hassles in setting up the network and gives me compiz and guess what it is a ubuntu distro.right now i am having loads of fun working on it setting up applications like avant, playing with compiz exploring the graphics to the fullest.i love it .. here are some snap shots of the kiwi distro. its amazing it supports almost all codecs and also have a lot of default setting to help the user.its a perfect distro to ask your grandmother to use 🙂 .. it also gave me the missing drivers for my lappy and gave me absolutely no probs. setting up everything was so easy .


One of the memories i would always cherish in my life are the labs of my engineering. not all labs in general but a few memorable ones .ones where i wrote the code in a language unknown just by the logic. sometimes copy paste .the ones where we accessed internet just to pass time also could make up memorable times but some labs were very special those are the ones i will never when we always got away in the middle of the lab with reasons that never existed like returning the library books and went had churmuri instead or went home on the pretext of meeting a teacher . sometimes bunked them with artificial illness of cough or dizziness( i wonder how they cant detect). some labs were fun when u pinged some one when they were writing an important program.when we discovered how to convert our lab terminals to chat terminals. i wonder why they keep such boring labs . when the truth is we learn much when we play around 🙂 .one of the best things i learnt in lab was how to use a command line terminal of linux to make it a chat terminal ..

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