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{October 13, 2008}   finally compiz + avant on my lappy (yippe :) )

i cvan believe myself i finally got a distro which gives me a x11 default and no much hassles in setting up the network and gives me compiz and guess what it is a ubuntu distro.right now i am having loads of fun working on it setting up applications like avant, playing with compiz exploring the graphics to the fullest.i love it .. here are some snap shots of the kiwi distro. its amazing it supports almost all codecs and also have a lot of default setting to help the user.its a perfect distro to ask your grandmother to use 🙂 .. it also gave me the missing drivers for my lappy and gave me absolutely no probs. setting up everything was so easy .


vinay says:

Hey, if you want ease in config, quick network and X11 setup, why not OpenSuSE 11.0?

chinmayisk says:

well i havent given opensuse 11.0 a try the last i tried was 10.3 it did not work. maybe i should try and let u know 🙂

chinmayisk says:

well opensuse11 the x11 works fine.. thats a great relief but still isnt something that a grandma can use [:)] no codecs,network still has issues…

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