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{March 2, 2009}   an post mortem on my trip

i know its kind of too late.. but still it was such an adventureous and exciting trip i want to share it.

every place i visited was obsolutely unique come to think of it i visited eight states 😉 .

mangalore was awesome i got to spend my time on surathkal beach  and guess what i spent a lot of time on the light house it was absolutely fantastic watching the sunset and the view of the beach and the vast ocean . oceans and seas drive me mad i can stay there my entire life 😛

a few lines i wrote on the beach describing what i felt when i faced the sea:)

”  I have heard a thousand sounds but nothing as welcome as the fresh tide a ocean brings so fresh so young a welcome change for a traveler indeed but also a gentle reminder of how the best things need not be fierce .strength in mildness is what it says. The fresh breeze speaks soo enthusiasticly of the all the world it travelled yet so mild is it approach. the basking sun of the ocean warm enough to say fear not when i am here ”

well unfortunately i could not visit st.marys island but apart from that i had fun spending time on the beaches and bowling 😉 and offcourse hogging on ideal ice creams  and the delicious maharastrian and guju food which ashish bhais mom prepared 🙂

my next stop and major challenge was goa i was meant to be staying and travelling alone here ..but it seemed much easier than other places .goa was exciting offcourse i had beaches all over 😀 and guess what i got a few sponsored lunches  and offcourse lonely walks at 10-11 pm by the beach and loads of window shopping.

the high points of my goa “adventure” were offcoure my scuba diving it was an amazing experience.the first few mins i went inside water in a scuba gear i had problems breathing with it (like a fish) later i had problems breathing like a human being 😛 ..i had two amazing dives the first one was a ocean bed with a few corals . i got scrapped by at rock at the bottom 😦 .. but the excitement of being in the ocean was great responding to ocean life an excitement of it own. the second dive is something i will always remember my whole life it was a ship wreck a very beautiful site with a huge school of fishes so colorfull i had seen it only on nat geo and looking at it was so unbelievable ( imagine having fishes of yellow and blue swimming and fishes hiding inside the ship it was so exciting to see them )i made some nice friends with them though one of them even kissed me and my instructor burst out laughing (though i couldnt hear it 🙂 ).. the other high point of goa was para sailing offcourse i have parasailed and paraglided (in manali its a different experience will tell someother time )before  but this feeling sailing over water was amazing esp i was lucky enough to spot dolphins jumping during my stunt 😛 was great being over the massive ocean being in the middle of it the adreline of comming down was so unmatched if u go to goa or anyother place in season pls try atleast this for once . i can go on and on the time i spent in goa it was amazing

my next journey was to Ahmadabad from goa .i particularly chose train ( instead of plane)for this journey  you have got to travel this root the vindyas and their beauty is something u shouldnt miss also the travel by the sea and mandovi river( on those bridges on mandovi)  offcourse lotus ponds   near karamalui station that isbyfar the largest lotus pond i have seen (been to a lot of places but this was real huge) there is a lot of bird habitat u could observe as well very different birds than what i have seen around mysore 🙂 and the tunnels whoa there are soo many i loved screaming at the top of my voice 😉 ..

ahemdabad was a duller place though but i got to spend time with priti which i was soo longing and i understood one thing gujus love kite flying :P.. nevertheless i got to see IIMA and the gagras i soo wished to buy ..

my next stop was jaipur  this city is by far the richest city i saw in terms of colors and traditions and the monuments.since i was in the city only for a day i decided to skip city palace and go for the best the fort of nargad,jaigad and amer it was the best decision. the view of the city and the fort were nevertheless beautiful with rich and vibrant colors and strength depicting rajputs but the the fort of amer shined like a jewel seeing the fort light up with the show and the soothing rajasthani music felt like a dream.topping the day was the exclusive rajasthani cuisine i got treated to and offcourse the beautiful jewelery and clothes i bought..and guess what i found ccd in the fort i had an amazing view (offcourse i had coffee there lol) ..

my next place was dehli (tachnically  i stayed in noida in a house that was in a terrace with a huge garden and a swing in it and glass courtyard thanks to neha 😉 and with an amazing group of friends ) it was two days of non stop fun  shopping,eating and visiting awesome places.I shopped till i dropped and hogged like hell at chandni chowk (paranthas , sweets,chats everything i hog ).visited amarjawan ,birla temple,qutub,rajbhavan best part was walking bare foot on rajghat 😛 i went to presidents house in socks (lol) u should have seen the diplomats staring at me it was awesome fun..delhi rocked !!!

the last destination was nagal i boarded a train from delhi to chandigarh (which apparently reached there about 3 in the morning 😛 in the freezing cold morning god then i had to travel for 2 more hours in the dense fog to nangal by the time i reached there i was frozen to death 😀 thank god to heaters and razai i came back to life at vineets place.)nangal was a very special destination in a lot of terms it was  vineets place one of my inspirations in life. this town made me remember of y.n hoskote and those evening walks with grandpa to the ganesha temple.a simple little twoen with soo much peace and belongingness i spend time cycling then walks with uncle and offcourse eating sooji wala golgoppas and gulab jamoon and gajar ka halwa and parotas and sabjis made by saurabh ( nice punjabi food i had) and offcourse i learnt how to make masala wala chai which i drank all over the north 😛 .. we also went out to the anat pur sahib a beautiful gurudwara where the sikh religion was founded and had a trip naina devi and bakhra nangal dam one of the beautiful i have ever visited the canal in the midst of those hills wow its was simply beautiful even to describe. you have got to see it yourself .offcourse i even had an ropeway trip ..

it was by far one of the best trips i had ending with my very first self paid flight from delhi to bangalore ..

i learnt a lot of this during this trip:

how to be humble ,

pickles in north india arent hot

how to dress well,

where theres a will theres a way,

life is beautiful ( lol)

and there are loads of amazing people out there and loads of ppl to love you the train trip made me meet loads of nice sweet people who shared their meals with me , woke me up 😛 , chatted away with me ..helped me out when ever a problem arouse. i met people of all kinds some even translated gujurthi to me :)..

and offcourse travel in ac whenever u are travelling in the north.. 😉


This was a Fantastic blog post, I will be sure to save this post in my Diigo account. Have a good evening.

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