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{September 6, 2009}   trip to andaman and nicobar islands

One of my long standing dreams was to dive in the andamans.finally with my last bit of suns intership money me and mom headed to this heaven on earth.I could easily describe this to be one of the best places one can ever go to.the journey consisted of train journey to chennai and then a flight to port blair .flight journeys somehow excite me more not that trains dont but the flights have a very special way of showing u the world it is always beautiful from a flight window.This was offcourse a very special sight even with regard to my other flight journies we moved out of mainland and flew over the sea and the unlimited streched of clouds over it .until suddenly we saw thick  lush green patches approaching us . On landing in port blair the first things i noticed where colourful butterflier somehow those mormons,crimson roses and yellow pansies seems far richer than their counterparts in the main land. every part of this island was filled with greenary and the sea seemed so pure. The best part we only go to reach on the second day when we sailed to havelock island .This even though isolated holding one of the best and most prestine beaches had some of the most hospitable ppl i have ever met .

Havelock was like a paradise in heaven with such pristine beaches and vast amount of corals in the ocean bed .I finally got to take two dives in the ocean.The veiw of the corals the schools of fish were breathtaking i saw some amount of starfish,urchine,sailers,razor fish ,nemo and carrot fish apart from all other colorful fishes  i couldnot dive in the night though(which i wish to go back and do something) .I also got to see a lot of colorful coral ..(i could go on with the list 😉 )..

It was a pain to say goodbye to but i am sure i would go back there pretty soon 🙂



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