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{September 7, 2009}   The nagarhole jungle story

after the bandipur experience i can hardly resist going back to the jungle.I even forgot i was a fresher in a company and ran to ask my manger for a weeks leave which he so sweetly obliged (good bless munish:) ).so started my jouney to nagarhole. i travelled with natasha (such a sweet little kid she is )  the journey was so unplanned of it wasnt for hey we would be stuck in hunsur for the whole day thankful we caught up with vasu and the prashanth ‘s (the first two of the lot). once we reached we were asked to head to some homestays to interview them..i expected a rather dull amount of wildlife sighting but the rain made up for all that i thought i lost.The next day i went to one of the most beautiful part of coorg and apparently butterflies seem to accompany me everywhere i spotted beautiful southern birdwing,pansies and orange dip and offcourse the mormons. I also had the company of someones  honey colour labrador in those deserted but beautiful country roads .The work ensured that i got one of the most tasty and fresh cup of coffee from the places i visited  from the hospitable coorgies .This work showed  me a lot about my country we had to travel to all sorts of places .we got to go to the the most beautiful country side one talks about in books. ( if i get some amount of money and a partner i would go hitchhiking through out the country  there is so much to see).

The trip also was good in terms of loads of wildlife..we got to observe a pack of dhol for an whole hour playing .we also saw another pack hunting chital ..speaking of which i also got to see the rutting of chital which i so wanted to see some day (the chital make a beautiful noise during rutting it was soo beautiful to hear)..i got to see both crested serpent eagle and changabale hawk eagle.saw an shikra and a oriental honey buzzard  catching a cobra and flying damn cool.saw a line of swifts on the country side saw a lot of weaver bird nests 🙂 …offcourse painted strokes in kabini and the coracle and the ducks ( i got to learn a few more bird calls).. we saw flying squirrels too …the high points were offcourse spotting a leapord  and being attacked by elephants 😉 ..(u can read more about it here  the part of gangotri and the gajagaminis 😉  ).


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