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{August 2, 2011}   The 24Hrs

There are some things which you would love to do more than just once.And yahoo open hack definitely qualifies to be one of those.All you need is a jacket , some good friends,a laptop ,some chocolates and a idea( The rest is off course taken care thanks to yahoo! :P).
I was soo fortunate to have all these
A good jacket- off course i had my camouflage jacket the best ever.
Some Good Friends – i am soo happy i met derick at RHok.He brought along Dan and Joanne for open hack.well thats how derick introduced me to other ppl.I met chinmayi at RHok and these two are my friends (its packback time !!!).
A laptop-my awesome laptop was there
Some Chocolates-well derick got an oreo and i got some alphenliebe so i guess we could make do with that ..

Now the big thing IDEA : well we spent a week on this racking our brains , rather those three raked their brains i left it completely on them 🙂 .I did expect a great idea. But,when the timer showed 24:00:00 we did not have a big idea we had a fruit salad though.It was then when i pitched in suggested lets do a cartoon maker.Being a supportive team my team mates said why not..So we stuck to it.When i thought it though i was
thinking of it a phone application written in Qt so thought of all the flashy stuff like gestures.
When the timer showed 22:00:00 or even 21:30:00 we were still thinking if it should be done it Qt or should we do it in some other technology we explore html5 , explored js and jquery and guess what we found gesture support.It was when we decided to go ahaed to do it html5 with yui , jquery and js :).we divided our work derick and dan doing the sketch part and me and jo doing the gestures , menu and saving part and later the slide show.That was the maximum break through until timer showed 17:10:00 derick did some amazing stuff with sketch.Me and Joe were stuck with the network sluggishness and non-availability of network.We has a sumptuous dinner where me and Dan had 3 gulab jamoons each (well i wanted to eat more but Dan said he would have only one more so it would have been odd for me to have more..) .With our dinner started our break through with joe working with the menus i was stuck with the swipe gestures and the html canvas showing up on my desktop but not on phone so had to bug pradeep(is a awesome hacker now working with yahoo) at 3 in the night finally got the gesture working :).by then Dan and Derick had finished the sketch part 🙂 and were racing bean bags(lol and were thinking of getting Douglas Crockford to race with them :P) and playing foos ball ( well i and joe played it too me playing miserably :D) and not to forget the elaborate midnight snack yummy food thanks to yahoo!.It was 4 in the morning when we went back to work and we were damn tired pushing each other to do work
and debating as to why bangalore doesnt have tech groups when ppl around us had crashed on the bean bags :P.
At 5 we had pushed some part of our code on the server and bang we had two issues seems like my gestures code and derick’s drawing were clashing with the same mouse event :).We finally got that solved and joe worked on her menu and Dan worked on getting a fast slide show.And i found out the converting from canvas to picture was not properly working on the phone.Well we spent the last two hours working all this out.
And then we were just pushing our code when the servers refused to take file size greater than a certain point.Wow we battled this out in the final few mins when the timer went 0 we were still stuck with it.Well we then decided to go ahead with whatever we had as presentation.Though we werent the winners the 24hrs taught us a lot a bit of teamwork, loads of fun ,loads of learning and ample amount of confidence that we could pull this through we can be the best pretty sooner .:)
thanks derick , dan and joe for making it soo special 🙂

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