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you are soo sleepy yet you stay awake to say an hi
you are soo tired yet you gather strength to listen to me
you make me smile after, yet another exhausting day
what made you choose me a friend god knows
I just know i am way too lucky to have though


{January 5, 2009}   rubiks cube


wow what a puzzle everyone should try to solve it once in there life time.. it amazing that a simple thing requires soo much effort .it kind of improves your thinking makes it more organized. it requires parallel thinking.logic of  how different cubes should be organised.i have been wanting to try my hands on it from a lot of days but i could only get to explore it 3 days back and all i could succeed until now with my small amount of free time is one face 😛 i know its pretty poor but its got me more interested 🙂

{December 31, 2008}   my wishes for tommmorow and onwards

i wish to live every day like its my last want to have  maximum fun and put maximum effort to realise every dream of mine.

live life without regrets

making everyday signify new and better things ,making every day a epitome to my courage and beliefs …

i guess this is what i want in life  🙂

{December 24, 2008}   religion and culture

i guess those are the two big words most used in India 🙂

for me each one of those words are interesting and fascinating. they make up ones identity. fortunately i have friends from  a lot of diverse back grounds. each of them have taught me something very unique.I guess thats the biggest advantage of being in India you get meet different thoughts,different practices,different views.we all need to learn to take the best of things rather than commenting on bad practices we must carefully abandon them but build the best practices.

every religion has the best it is for you to realise  that

one can find as much peace in st.philomenas of mysore as much as they can find in chamundi betta to me both these places have been temples of peace and tranquility

one of my best remembered times are of the silent prayers i have offered at st.philomenas i do not know  the right way to pray in a church never less lighting the candle and sitting there has filled my heart with a strange kind of peace 🙂


like wise  betta is one of those places i visit when i need to do some soul searching or when i feel very happy.climbing the steps or just driving there and sitting there for a few mins has given me dreams and hopes and lot of  strength.

chamundi betta

in love are you?
hard to believe it caught you too..
welcome my friend welcome to thou
unparalled is the journey that awaits
unexplainable is the pleasure that unravells
but a caution dear friend love is blind they say
watch out the crossroads that lay.

{December 13, 2008}   my first poem ever :D lol

silently i lay in thou’s arms what more can i ask
bliss it is indeed to feel that warmth
talk my sweetheart cos ur enchanting words i eagerly await to hear
it is magic indeed as someone said to hear ur sweetheart call ur name
magic whose realm cant be equalled how ever knowledged u are world wise
here i wait eager to be enchanted speak my dear sweetheart

well firstly just do for any wifi device  😛

$sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

offcourse this does not work by default for the above device

here are a few steps i did to get the wifi up

i did the default download of broadcom 43 wireless driver using

system->administration->hardwaredrivers->broadcom driver

download and enable it

if it cant be enabled execute :

$ sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

and comment the line which blacklists broadcom driver

then execute the following :

$sudo modprobe  bcm43xx

$sudo modprobe  -r bcm43xx

then execute and add those lines to the file ..

$ sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/bcm43xx

alias wlan0 bcm43xx
options bcm43xx disable_hw_scan=1

finally run this script:

$sudo /usr/share/b43-fwcutter/

then offcourse the default ifconfig

and the wi-fi is up and running 🙂

{November 3, 2008}   baby steps on gimp

i tried gimp today and did some editing.i found it utterly amusing though some might not agree with me

{November 3, 2008}   compiz 3d snapshots

A few 3d snaps of my desktop..i have been exploring quite a bit of linux offlate..i have been working mostly on it.. sort of abandoned windows 🙂 ..

i cvan believe myself i finally got a distro which gives me a x11 default and no much hassles in setting up the network and gives me compiz and guess what it is a ubuntu distro.right now i am having loads of fun working on it setting up applications like avant, playing with compiz exploring the graphics to the fullest.i love it .. here are some snap shots of the kiwi distro. its amazing it supports almost all codecs and also have a lot of default setting to help the user.its a perfect distro to ask your grandmother to use 🙂 .. it also gave me the missing drivers for my lappy and gave me absolutely no probs. setting up everything was so easy .

et cetera