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One of the memories i would always cherish in my life are the labs of my engineering. not all labs in general but a few memorable ones .ones where i wrote the code in a language unknown just by the logic. sometimes copy paste .the ones where we accessed internet just to pass time also could make up memorable times but some labs were very special those are the ones i will never when we always got away in the middle of the lab with reasons that never existed like returning the library books and went had churmuri instead or went home on the pretext of meeting a teacher . sometimes bunked them with artificial illness of cough or dizziness( i wonder how they cant detect). some labs were fun when u pinged some one when they were writing an important program.when we discovered how to convert our lab terminals to chat terminals. i wonder why they keep such boring labs . when the truth is we learn much when we play around 🙂 .one of the best things i learnt in lab was how to use a command line terminal of linux to make it a chat terminal ..


{September 26, 2008}   the amazing:) interview

yesterday i had one of the best companies a engineer can get into interview me.

though i knew that it was higly impossible that they recruit one of us i had the nerve to attend it 🙂 ..

we were 12 of us who were shortlisted for interviews.the selection process being quite a test 🙂 ( we had every subject that was taught to us).

the first round of interviews were based on the test itself . they asked to justify the answers and solve question we had not previously attempted in the test. to my surprise i found out i could code solutions with such an ease. i think i am better at interviews than written test ( i discover all sorts of skills i never knew i had). my interviewer asked me mostly the coding questions and asked me to walk thrugh how i solved them.these question were so asked that there were some simple logic of how function stores formal attributes and how they are returned .Some involved modifying a known algorithm to solve the existing problem and some involved some simple reverse engineering of solution . the first interview mostly concentrated on the conceptual understanding of problems and if you can think of proper solutions.

six of us were screened for the second came the real fight 🙂

they provided us some common problems to code. like the reversing of linked list,the level of the highest node ,searching the pair of numbers( a+b=k) etc..

these problem are probably easily codable . i started by using brute force approaches and ended with efficiency of  n square ( lol) . the next challenge we were presented was to reduce them to o(n).i managed to do so in two out of three problems. but, the last one he asked me to make a search of order 1 using a data structure( me as a fool forgot about hashing 🙂 lol )..

i had another round of technical interview where he asked to find the common factors betwen two arrays with the most effeciant approach ..i went with sorting and merging 🙂 (still donno if it was the best way ).. the later questions were based on unix system ,my project  ( of which he had no clue what i was speaking 🙂 ) and a standard dbms query .

at the end of all this we were told we did not have enough skills for the post and had to improve our coding skills 🙂 .. lol this is what happens when they come looking for super coders who win all sorts of coding contests and end up meeting just good coders

{June 15, 2008}   fountainhead

I really don’t see what the hype is all about . I laid my hands on the book recently. I loved the first 300 pages it seemed like a book with awesome energy loads to communicate .It teaches a few things in a manner to everyone but i felt a lot of degrading in the second half of the book.the whole feel is lost by the time the book ends. the conversation between howard and gail are the only sanest parts in the second half.I really dont understant why dominique waited so long to get back when she was destined to got to howard.But .nevertheless one should read the book for the the first half of it.
I loved the spirit of howard ,the passion of that height is something i will always respect.I have met a few of similar integrity these man have fire that can conquer the whole world with their energy.This quality is something that is not possessed by all it takes great amount of sacrifice to reach there.
very few men can tolerate the pain the sacrifice enables these  men to fear nothing ,need nothing expect nothing just give abundance amount of devotion to their work.
Just being by their sides gives a spirit of enthusiasm its like some ecstasy.

{May 14, 2008}   this is right !!!

every generation has set its own right and wrongs.some have not set they just carried forward what some other generation set.all these have been set by perceptions but mostly prejudice ,gain, advantage. i deeply respect those thoughts put forward by great thinkers of an era.but ,i believe that every conclusion can only be reached by certain amount of research not always does the research  hold good with time it changes with period .We as a society must rethink a lot of this before just blindly taking them.

You are right if you think i am talking of elections..sorry i cant get off the excitement of voting for the first time ( well personally i am acting like a kid who rids his bike for the first time 🙂 ).

I wish i have this sort of feeling every time i have to vote.especially after looking at the voter turn out in my city bangalore. I was pretty much shocked a city which prides itself of having a very good citizen initiative turning out in poor numbers to vote.I still can comprehend that fact.How can you not vote??? . what was

even more shameful was the turn out in other areas of the state they might not be of high literacy rates, they might not be blessed with bulging pocket not even a filled stomach but they were there to honor their duty as citizens.where as on the other hand the so called fortunate lot were enjoying a holiday letting the elections go by themselves with a attitude of ” how will my one vote make a difference” .

when we have bad roads with loads of pot holes , when people dont bother to repair you street lights when the crime increases ,when you get water irregularly. when you will be blessed with something you did not desire at all.we always complain i don’t think we have that right to complain because we actually dont care about them since, when were given a fair chance to make it all right by voting but we preferred not to just because we feel ” how will my one vote make a difference” .Your one vote is not just yours it is your kid’s , your family’s your friend’s in the neighborhood how can you forget your responsibility towards them.How can you forget the fact that each vote of all of us makes the decision.

This is one chance for us to change how things are many think it is not a dead option it is one of the most viable option especially now when a lot of good candidates who can make the difference are standing up for elections, when at least some politicians are trying to be citizen friendly. PLS DO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT OF VOTING at least the next time

{March 30, 2008}   never expect

well you learn a lot of lessons in life . I learnt a few of them off late. Some through good some through bad experiences.In a relationship it is pretty easy to expect something of some one but often it never turns out the way you expect.there were two incidents off late which totally went against my expectations.A friend of mine who is close to my heart hurt me , misunderstood me even though i never meant anything to entertain those thoughts.On , the other hand  some one who i thought would hurt me turned out to be someone whom i can depend on for a shoulder when i am in trouble or just need to relax.this world is really strange 🙂 .. well its definitely confusing to be a part of never the less i am trying  my of my friend rightly said that ” we should never expect “.

{March 14, 2008}   rainy day

rain represent a lot to me . i love them the remind me of the best place in the world my home town Bangalore. Which had such beautiful climate the rains formed most of the year. the weather was always so smoothening and pleasant it was a artists dream to live in it. today was a memorable day .my juniours and my friends got together to have loads of fun obviously at the adda . the whole afternoon was great with karwar trying to get on me with his unlimited time frame talk well i actually loved the guy..(just dont let him know he thinks he is some kind of hero with out anything ). and the rest of the group indulged in playing cards despite me objecting to it repeatedly they think i am some kind of pro cos whenever i touch the cards i win so they shoo me of when i play a game ..:) .by the evening the weather got really interesting . it started to drizzle and we had panipuri it was awesome .we had some kind of test in coll and the whole group got into one room and we sort of discussed and copied it was really great it was fun writing it. after the test we headed to chamundi i drove my vehicle on the hill can ya believe that 😉 we started screamin and creating all kinds of rucus the weather was awesome it was lightening and winds were blowing at high speeda the sky was dark pink .. and the forest on the hill was a divine thing to be in. the view of mysore was awesome from the hill. chamundi is a beauty in the night something that special to every mysorean and i know why it is one experience that you should savour especially with your friend..the drive back was also very memorable..i rounded it up with a mocha in the cold night.. i reached home only to be welcomed by the superb rain it brought out the smell of the soil that is the bset part of first rain the smell is divine it heightens your senses it coupled with nice music takes you a real different world .. a world that is soo soothening with all the peace in you mind and heart …

wow it was one of those day i will remember for a life time..

{March 2, 2008}   wow this is called ….

off late i have been running out of luck . thing are happening and all of a sudden u have a great fall apart its kind of funny and sometimes frustrating. imagine building a whole house and just as u are about to step in u remember u haven’t got it wired .. so no electricity …:).i recently shifted to word press and as i shift i get this news of the blogging tool not being safe  🙂 wow how better can it get.

off late something is also happening i am getting geekier by the day. i dono what all sites i have visited in the past few day what all i have learnt and how many geeks i have fallen for ;).. i knew a geek at workplace in my opine he was ultimate . i chanced to find his blog and now all i can say is he is my hero and idol.god what are these guys they have such awesome passion that never refuses to die but also ignites in others hearts and minds. their spirit is what we all need  as individuals to continue to live, absorb , learn and go on no matter what actually there is no reason one should stop . There is so much to do , there are so many things going around us getting involved gives a joy in itself try it out and u will never get bored of life. these guys lead similar lives they don’t have any stagnate live they flow like the  river which is infinitely far from the sea. collecting good stuff and depositing things for production. what they actually do is amazing.
i wish to be one such spirit undying and unstoppable.always  on a fresh journey of the unknown with all the indulgence …

{February 14, 2008}   love thyself

valentines day another day another expectation . expectations are good  they help you grow then enhance your thoughts they might give you a bit of pain but whats life with out it.anyways  lets put the philosophy aside. there is so much to love besides a person.there are so many things in this constantly changing we see something as a idea and tomorrow it is realized god the world is real fast don’t know how to catch up but love to see all the changes and be a part of it. like this one i saw Open ID  being implemented in word press and i am here . god there is nothing that cant be open source can u believe i found a equivalent to vm ware… now i dont have to worry about using proprietory ware .

at the end of the day i feel so good about discovering something i would always love its all sheer pleasure.

et cetera